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Dealer Services

At Mainland and Marine we are equipped to handle RV and boat repairs ranging from routine maintenance to major mechanical, electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs. We work on RV’c Campers, Boats, Jet Skis, and Generators. Our hourly rate is $90.00 per hour.

We have standard pricing for all the basic maintenance items. The following is pricing for the most common:

PA Inspection Class A
$150 + Sticker & tax
PA Inspection Class B & C
$135 + Sticker & tax
PA Inspection Trailer up to 10,000lbs
$90 + Sticker & tax
RV Gas Engine Oil Change
$119 + Materials
RV Diesel Engine Oil Change
$200 + Materials
RV Generator Oil Change
$59.99 + Materials
Outboard 2 Stroke Winterize Starting at
Outboard 4 Stroke Winterize Starting at
Inboard / Outboard Winterize Starting at
Jet Skis and Jet Boats Starting at
$90.00 / hour
Shrinkwrap Boats
$14.00 / ft (20′ & up)
Shrinkwrap Boats
$16.00 / ft (19′ & under)
Shrinkwrap Boats
$15.00 / ft Pontoon Boats
Air Conditiong Service
$119.99 + Materials

Jet Ski Service

Roof Repair

General Rebuild

Camper Shrinkwrap

Shrinkwrap with Door

Car Shrinkwrap


Odd-Shaped Shrinkwrap

Large Size Shrinkwrap